En Route

Been revisiting my university works lately, and by revisiting, I mean more like starting from scratch again. As I don’t have much of those projects left, only fragmented files, images scattered in all sorts of places on my hard drive. After all, the earliest project was almost 5 years ago.

It’s embarrassing to look back on my old works, there are so many flaws in design and as many mistakes that would make me jobless today. You might ask but did I try my best? No, I don’t think so. I don’t think I gave my 100%, or even 80%. But I have one defense: I was very new to this profession of architecture. In other words, I had no idea what I was doing, or supposed to do.

I just didn’t get architecture.

Now looking back, a lot of the subjects at uni are starting to make sense. It made sense now the teachers made us do hand sketches, and painstaking hand drafting, and to explore our ideas rather than focusing on the techniques (the computer, rendering, fancy stuff). I was hating it.

Main Render_1sketch_005_sMain render_s

It makes me think that if a person doesn’t know why he is made to do something, not only will he struggle, he will despise, and he will grow hatred towards it. How pitiful are we if we do not know the purpose of living? There are a lot of us. Being forced to live, forced to work a job, forced to take on this big bad world without knowing why we have to go through this. We simply cannot fathom the ‘why’ without knowing Jesus personally.

I shall be anticipating some response from the universities in 4 weeks time, meanwhile I can simply forget about it and move on with life. I’ve given my best shot.


New Photography Project

Driving  home from work one day, and I was contemplating on the effect of constraints on creative works. I tend to agree that to work with limits can sometimes result in brilliant creative outcomes. Interesting architecture are often made as a result of restricting/challenging site condition, existing surroundings, complex brief, limited building materials etc. So I want to start this little personal photo project and experiment, it’s named ‘Square_Mono_35’. Meaning the photos must be strictly – in square format, monochromatic (black & white), and shot in 35mm focal length. I will pick Instagram as the primary platform, photos will also be uploaded to Portfolio page.


Books and Other Cool Stuff

Some books I’ve read recently:

A Celebration of Discipline – Richard J Foster

(Very in-depth and thought-provoking book on Christian spiritual disciplines. The most valuable thing I got out of it is to know that disciplines are not for legalism, they are simply the course which places us in front of God to allow Him to change us. A very worth-while read)

A Million Miles in A Thousand Years – Dan Miller

(Humorous and easy language, the author unfolds the journey of how he discovered how to live a good story. It’s a simple concept, but to understand this concept will change so many facets of how we view life, and how to live it.)

In Praise of Slow – Carl Honore

(A book on the ‘Slow Movement’ in a world so obsessed with speed and acceleration. ‘Slowing down’ is an idea that I deeply embrace. It’s not slothfulness that I promote, but a mindful and deliberate approach to do things at the right speed.)

Check out also this beautifully narrated short film by Eric Reinholdt of 30×40 Design Workshop (website). His YouTube channel is doing an awesome job talking about architecture. Each one of his videos inspire me to love more about this profession and keep me wanting to become better at it.


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