Working Away and Movements

It’s been a while since I posted anything.

Apart from work (which is a continuous rushing to deadlines), I’m also putting aside some time at night to work on my portfolio. Below is a snippet of something I’ve been working on.

render view 3

Revisiting works I did at university was pretty tough mentally – the quality of work I did back then was quite… poor. However, there was a sense of freedom and naivety in the design that could only be done by someone inexperienced – there’s some beauty in that alone.

Photography wise, I’m still carrying my camera around when the family is out and about. There just isn’t enough time to collate them.

First half of the year has almost gone by, autumn time has arrived quite swiftly in Melbourne. Esther is 7 months now, her development has been quite fast.

Returning to work in architecture has been one of the best moves I’ve made. The pressure and work load of this industry is kind of expected. But I find myself constantly excited by the challenges posed by project, client, site conditions etc. Architecture is a strife for human manifestation in the natural world. In the uncomfortable & dangerous natural environment we create comfortable & safe space – meanwhile maintaining a smooth transition from inside to outside.

The material I’ve been interested in lately is the humble brick. Brickwork has the natural rustic property that relates well to the ground, the earth – there’s both strength and vulnerability offered in a brick wall.

Here is a great collection of brick architecture by ArchDaily. (Click here for link)


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