Summer Days, Letter to Future Self and 36 Exposures


dscf6204-1Summers in Melbourne are not 100% summers. Which means you get about 60% summer, 20% winter & 20% something else. On many days I leave for work in the morning with a wind jacket & umbrella, only coming home with the shirt sleeves rolled up and sweating all over. I don’t mind the contrast. I like the nights to get a bit chillier, helps you to snuggle into the duvet for a deep slumber.

By Christmas this year I had a major deadline to finish, it was a rather large project, and a tight timeframe for our team to deliver. Working overtime seemed to be part of the plan – as much as I dislike it – sometimes we didn’t get to choose. I do feel very proud of the work we have eventually put out. The sense of creating something is very satisfying.

Esther is getting better at her sleeps. She manages to sleep 4 to 5 hours very often, and even slept through the whole night twice! This may not sound like much to those don’t have kids, but it’s quite some achievements. And relief for us, for we finally got one step closer to having the recommended hours of sleep for adults, and not having to feel like zombies in the morning.



After moving to the down-under kingdom for 8 years, this will be my first Christmas in this country. Before I would always go back home or travelling overseas. Something about the summer here makes me want to escape. As much as Aussies love their summers, I find it hardly likeable. I’m more used to the cold. Reason is obvious, in winter, you can wrap yourself up and have a nice cuppa tea, or have some hot spicy Chinese food. You can’t do that in summer, right?



Around this time last year, I wrote an email to myself in the future – that totally sounds like something I’d do for fun… The email did come as promised, and completely to my surprise – for I have long forgotten about it. I read it, and I loved it and I read it over again many times. In the email I wrote about what happened in that year, my hopes and fears, my great prospect for 2016. Some did come true, some didn’t – and it was for God’s good will. Looking in retrospect, I saw myself growing and stepping towards my goals, slowly but progress are made.

I recommend you do so too. The website is Service is free.


1978 Fujica I bought from eBay. Surprisingly good condition, cheap price. Full-frame yay!

I’ve decided to try out film. To be exact I decided to go back to film for a short while. Film cameras are so cheap nowadays, I literally bought one from ebay with a tenth of what you would normally spend on a digital camera. It was a 1978 Fujica, and in a very good condition. Last time I put a roll of 35mm film would be like 10 years ago. So I did a youtube search on how to put in a roll of film.

I aim to finish the 36 exposures by end of Christmas holiday. And I’ll drop off to a certain lab to develop (only $5 a roll), and wait to see the results – just like in the old days. I’m expecting to see a lot of incorrectly exposed films… anyway that was all part of the fun.

Merry Christmas, be well.

(Don’t ask me why I changed my site name to German 🙂



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