Phone, Train & Instagram

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– How much does a hipster weigh?

– One instagram.

I’ve been working at my new job for a month now. Oftentimes when my colleague asks me how I like my new work, I will mention about how much I love about the commute.

It is about 40 minutes of train ride from home to work – which is normal comparing to majority of the workforce. I like the freedom that catching public transport gives me. Freedom in a sense that I can free my mind and hands – not having to concentrate on the road, be mad about the traffic etc…

I’m also able to walk a little bit – which helps to energise my body, and allows me to take some snapshots on my phone. The 8MP camera on my iPhone 5S is very low-end in today’s standards – and I don’t intend to upgrade anytime soon. Having seen the recent goofy moves from Apple, I really feel like it’s a good time for me to jump over to Android now.


Flinders Street Station – long due for a revamp, however there’s a certain flavour that comes with the rustiness of this station.


People are easy targets on trains… 80% are on their phones.


St John the Evangelist Catholic Church. Overseeing perhaps the worst major intersection of Melbourne: Victoria Parade x Punt Road.



Again people on their phones… an almost perfect symmetry.


The whole architecture of this station is basically a single continuous roof.


Tracks to school…It stops in about 2 metres.


Love the natural light that shines through the office.


This was before Esther was born…


Dividing Line.


I used to cross this bridge everyday. Terrible during peak hours.


Tram stations near the office.


Orthodox Church across the road.


Can’t remember where this is…


Esther can sleep up to a 5-hour stretch now, both of us feel quite relieved. By the way this is not shot on iPhone ;P

So EM is 6 weeks now, she’s definitely a lot more conscious about this world. It is said that babies at this age can recognise mum & dad’s faces now. She smiles and coos more often now – which is a magical moment for us. I can imagine the joy that brings our Heavenly Father when we try to communicate with Him!

We are just 5 or 6 weeks until Christmas now. It’s probably a very busy time for everybody. Hope you can enjoy the last season of work, then we can gather our family and celebrate the joyous birth of our Saviour.





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