I try to write one blog post every week.
Might seem like a bit of a mission, but if time is scheduled for dedicated blog writing time. It could be something possible. I’m also trying to make schedules to form habits, otherwise they may never happen.

I think the trick is to write down a little bit whenever a topic comes to mind, that way you’ll have a lot of subjects in reserve that can be edited or expanded.

Another habit I’m trying to form is swimming on Sat mornings. I found swimming to be quite relaxing both to my back (unhealthy office sitting worker syndrome) & my mind. I’m not aspired to become the most fit person on earth, I just need some physical exercise to get my mind moving again.

We went to University of Melbourne for a walk around, I haven’t gone back for more than a year. It feels strangely unfamiliar now that I’m walking in the campus with my wife & a soon-to-be-born daughter. But I love the atmosphere of the campus, things just seem a little simpler in there.


Castro Kiosk. This is my favourite cafe when I was at uni. Partly because it’s the closest to the Architecture Faculty, and genuinely I think the coffee tastes really good. I’m happy to find that the same people still work there 🙂

My favourite tea shop is Lupicia in QV. I think it’s run by a Japanese couple. You can find all sorts of teas of different origins around the world. My personal favourite are the fruit infused Oolong & Sencha. I also like the way the shop is set up, it has an atmosphere that calms you down.


After some search and with a bit of luck, I’ve found a second-hand Samyang 12mm f2 lens for Fuji X mount (equivalent around 18mm on FF). Put it in simple English, it’s a wide angle lens letting me capture a wider field of stuff, without going fish-eye. I guess I’ll be practising and having a lot of fun with it.

Since I love shooting architecture & landscapes, I guess a wider view would help. I’ve taken it to some landmarks around Melbourne, and the results seem to be quite pleasing.

I think second-hand market is a great place to shop, with sharp eyes and some patience, you may be surprised with what you can find. But if you are the type of person who prefers brand new stuff, I can agree that there are certain things that had to be bought new.

Below are some photos I took with this lens. I love how the ultra wide angle can give you that cool perspective that we don’t get with human eyes.

That famous gate of the St Patrick’s Cathedral. A lot of wedding photos were shot here. Don’t you love the amount of details on the gothic revival churches?
Due to the yellow tint on the glass, the interior of the church tends to be quite yellow. So this is not me messing with the white balance 😛


Old Treasury Building. I fell in love with this building when I was studying architecture. I think the architect designed it when he was only 19 years old.
And yes I’m still trying different ways to photograph the Southern Cross Station.

I’ve taken some time off my professional work, and have ended working with the company that I spent over 2 years with. There are lots of mixed emotions, but I’m quite clear about the decision and believe it to be a good one. Whenever I leave a place, my hope is that I’ve left something good behind.

Meanwhile, honestly I’m quite enjoying the little break I have now, whilst last few weeks of Tiff’s pregnancy. With the due date approaching, I’m getting more and more excited, because I know how rewarding this journey will be.

We did some big shopping at the latest Baby Expo. The expo itself was like a mad house inside. Parents generally become quite lavish(or rather, senseless) when it comes to shopping for their babies. And we are no exceptions. But at the end of the day, I realised I didn’t have much material goods when I was little, but I survived anyhow 🙂 It was actually my parents love & care that mattered most to me.

Colonnades of the Exhibition Centre.

For some family issues I had to drive to Mt Buller and back in one day – that mounts to a total of about 500km, or 6 good hours of driving. I think this is my personal record, I don’t remember driving continuously this long, not even in those road trips I’d done.

I’ve never been to Mt Buller, perhaps because it snows so much in my hometown. But it sure looks mighty pretty from down below. I hope one day I’m able to visit it.

On the way to Mt Buller you will pass a small town called Yea. As much as I love its name, I also found this lovely Post Office when we stopped for toilet break.



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