Yuzu Cuisine at Church Lane, Melbourne

We normally pick out a restaurant from the Entertainment Book to eat at. Last Friday night we ate at Yuzu Cuisine in the city.

It’s a beautiful Japanese eatery hidden in the back alley of 480 Collins Street (it’s a little hard to find first time, you need to enter from Church Lane). But you’ll never miss the brightly lit cube-shaped signage.

Yuzu (ゆず) means Grape Fruit in Japanese. It’s a beautiful wine too if you haven’t tried Yuzu Umeshu.



The dinner menu is quite simple, yet has a wide range to offer. I am no food critic, I’d say Yuzu’s menu is more towards the Izakaya style, which is like the pubs in Japan. And their food are best served with wine & beer.


Sushi bar is almost a must in an authentic Japanese restaurant. Love those clever lanterns & the wooden wall covering.


Gyoza is awesome! That’s all I need to say.
Agedashi Tofu’s amount is very generous. Price is reasonable too.
Grilled scallops. Sauce is sweet sour. An unbeatable combo.


Overall we both love the food from this restaurant, and would love to come back again.

Below is another picture I took at the same night near Crown plaza. There were a lot of people gathered in front of this wall. Seems that it’s a popular spot for Pokemon trainers.




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