Beaumaris Beach with the Fujifilm X100S


We discovered this beautiful bayside suburb when Tiffany and I went to pick up our new coffee machine.

I haven’t heard of this place before, its on the eastern side of the Melbourne bay, just below Black Rock and next to Cheltenham.

We stopped our car by the shoreline and went for a random stroll. The surf was peaceful & quiet. The beach wasn’t crowded. There was a Japanese mother (I overheard her speaking) with her two sons. The younger one was on her back, the other was old enough to wander off by himself.

I didn’t know there was a built-in ND filter on the X100S (oops).

I just had so much fun shooting with this charming little camera. I wasn’t caring too much about the exposure or the focus, I was simply enjoying the experience. The experience that reminds me of my first film camera. I was once again that 5-year-old boy, looking at the world through that tiny OVF.

Shooting with this little dated cam (but still performs stunningly) taught me to slow down my pace. DSLRs of recent years, even my X-T1, are amazing at auto focusing at split second. This X100S takes a little longer to focus, which forces me to slow down the pace and ponder on the composition.

That’s enough of the writing, let’s roll the pictures.



2 comments on “Beaumaris Beach with the Fujifilm X100S

  1. Very nice photographs !!!


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