Sick days, Docklands walk & 2 books I’m reading

(13 Jul 2016)


Had couple of days off work as I somehow got a pretty bad virus inside. Last time I got sick this seriously was already two years ago. It’s funny because I never truly learned what the cause of this disease was. All I was told by the doctor was “You have a virus”. And he said virus could get in you through any medium, air, skin, water, food. Since I was never told the cause, I hardly know how to prevent it. It’s through food I guess. Also I’m grateful because this is my body’s way telling me to rest.


Took mum & dad to Docklands over the weekend.

Melbourne weather had been gracious, though raining, cold & windy through weekdays, it showed sympathy to us working class by turning up beautiful sunshine & blue sky on the weekend. Everybody was out on that day.

As usual I took my beloved Fujifilm X-T1 & 35mm F2 lens with me. I found myself getting more used to the focal length (~53mm) & FOV. I can pretty much stand at the right distance from the subject I want to shoot, without having to step back. And it’s fantastic at people, which is my favourite subject.

I would have loved to live in Docklands if the property price isn’t that high. Close to city, close to the bay & not very populated. The contrast between the number of high-risers and pedestrians may liken to a ghost-town. But on a beautiful day, there’s a certain flavour and serenity to it. I assume on a normal weekday there would be more people, dressed in suits and making important phone calls.

Below are some of my favourite shots on that day:



Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with c3 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with b1 preset


Two books I’m reading at the moment.

Bringing Up Girls by Dr James Dobson.

Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn (the

Bringing Up is like a classic Christian parenting book. My mum was given a Chinese copy of Bringing Up Boys when I was younger. (I hope she applied some of the principles to me though)

This time, It’s my turn to read for my daughter Esther. Family upbringing is absolutely crucial, especially in a such confused world. (Confused and degraded to such an extent that we cannot tell male from female.)

Everything is the memoir or the account of the minimalist-journey that Joshua took. I was intrigued why he stepped down from his 6-figure corporate job and stopped chasing the “great American Dream” – whatever that means. A few chapters in, I have to say that Joshua is a very lucid writer. His style is very fictional, story-telling-like, and he writes a lot about the environments, senses & details that really bring me into the scene. I guess he could be a very talented film director too.

Similarly, I think there’s a certain “Australian Dream” that we are unconsciously chasing as well. And there is one that’s specific to Chinese migrants.

For a Chinese migrant, or a studying-abroad student, the Australian Dream depicts a picture of “First-World Country lifestyle”, big suburban house, private cars, nice job, fat savings account & super annuation. To certain extent these are very reasonable and realistic wishes, and many have achieved them.

However, little did they know that this great southern Underland is also trapped under a lie.

People are busy running the consumerism rat race; people are fat and in-debt; living an unhealthy lifestyle while paying more to get fit. The Western culture is in many ways different from the balanced & peace-seeking Orientals. I’ve grown to love more and more about my original culture. I have a different perspective now looking back at the culture I was brought up in, since I’m sojourning in a western-dominated land.


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