Recent Updates – 8 July 2016

Things that I’m up to.

  1. Mum & Dad came to visit

    It’s been more than a year since they came to Aus (last time it was for my wedding). This time they get to spend a good 3-weeks with us. I was worried that they would get a little bored at home, but turned out they actually prefer living in our little suburban home than the hotels in city. I think they like the quietness.

    And of course, our meals have been significantly improved since their arrival 🙂

  2. I deactivated my Facebook.

    Recently I read an article on Fast Company, the author talks about an experiment he did. He closed down his FB account for a month and saw what would happen. In short, he found out that he was addicted to social media without him knowing it. But this FB detox period enabled him to reflect on the effects of constant social media dosing. Just like anything, too much is harmful.

    I was curious to see if I have this addiction too (well, I do), and if I can live a better life without Facebook. So I’ll deactivate my FB for a month, and see what happens.

    If you never try, you never know.

    I’ll write up some sort of conclusion after this 30 days.

    At the meantime, I still have my Instagram, so that I am not completely anti-social.

    (You can read this article here:

  3. I’ve been shooting a lot wth the Fujifilm 27mm lens.

    I wanted to do a 27days of 27mm lens challenge, but somewhere down the track I lost count. But this one body one lens exercise has been quite a lot of fun. I find it really trains my eyes to compose the shot with that focal length, and I’m constantly moving to get the frame I desire.

    At the end of this exercise I’ll pick 27 shots that I really liked out of this lens.

    Below is one example:

    Processed with VSCO with x1 preset
    Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia.
  4. Working on an interior design project.

    Worked on a side project recently for a beauty saloon. I’ll post some progress pictures of the construction, if I happen to get any.

    I’m using 100% SketchUp for this project, and it doesn’t disappoint. For interior design, I think SketchUp is my go-to programme.

  5. I committed to buy a used Fujifilm X100S

    Yep, a compact camera that is magically good quality & is light enough to be an everyday carry-around. And the X100 series cameras almost reached a cult level of fanboys.

    If I know I’m going out to see some beautiful landscape, I’d take the 18–55mm. If just walking about the city with my family & friends, I’d use the 35. If I got no idea what is planned for the day and I want to travel light, I’d take this X100S.

    I will pick it up next week, can’t wait.

  6. The Minimalists

    Here’s a blog that I highly recommend by two American guys:

    A lot of their contents really resonate with my life philosophy, which is about a better life with less stuff. Stuff here means not just the material & tangible, but also spiritual & mental.

    Though I don’t quite like the term ‘minimalism’ as it sounds a bit superficial, as if it’s all about stripping things down to bare bones. Maybe I prefer the term ’simple living’, or ’slow living’, or ’purposeful living’.

    Anyways, their blogs are definitely worth checking out. It even seems countering the consumerism/digital culture. But this is actually what our society is needing: sobriety.


2 comments on “Recent Updates – 8 July 2016

  1. Loved this article! I’m also getting into minimalism 🙂


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