Day-off, city tour, oh yeah!

(9 June 2016)
I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. Just wander around to places by myself, not entirely disconnected as if I was anti-social. But just to be alone, and I find that helpful to clear up my mind and reflect on stuff.

So I took this 3-day holiday from work, and it feels great. It feels like I have so much time and energy to myself. I guess this is one of the trade-offs for working a full time day job. I mean you have the money and stability which are important, but you lose flexibility. There are always two sides of a coin right?

I even chose not to drive to force myself to slow down. Catching public transport reminds me a lot about my high school years. What I found is that it feels great to take that little stroll to the bus stop.  Rather than start the day by sitting down and be stuck in traffic, being active helps pumping the energy for the day.
Some people may disagree with this, I’d say catching public transport is a luxury these days, because it means that you have more time to spend than others.

Diligence is great and admirable. Dedication is a virtue. Taking a rest and know when to slow down is wisdom, which we see is a rare act amongst the modern busy people.  As our mind is so occupied with what to ‘do’, we forgot how to ‘be’. This is central to our perception of self-worth and existence.

Below are some shots I took with my Fujifilm X-T1 (with XF27mm). Thanks to this camera, I’ve rediscovered my love for photography. I remember vaguely the first camera I ever used, it was a range-finder type camera that belonged to my grandpa. Pressing down that shutter button & hearing the ‘click’ is a wonderful feeling, not to mention the excitement of waiting for the films to be developed.

Some thoughts on the XF 27mm f2.8.

The utmost reason I bought it is its size. I have a special love for pancake lenses – they just look so compact & discreet. It’s a great little lens, and I absolutely enjoy shooting with it. The equivalent ~41mm focal length seems just right to me. I don’t believe that you have to shoot with the ‘Holy’ 35mm or 50mm, great photos can be made with just any focal length 😃

For me I don’t want to tag my photos in just one category, like street photography, or lifestyle, or architecture. The aim for my photos is to be able to tell a story, and to share parts of the world that I see. Trained in architecture school, I find that I tend to look out for interesting buildings, designs & urban-scapes. I also love to include people in my photos. It doesn’t have to be a feature head shot, people in my photos can be distanced, indistinct, or silhouettes. But those people add stories in the photos, and they make the viewers relate to the photo a bit more.


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