Some Images From My Fujifilm X-T1

So in the end after hours of researching, watching Youtube videos & reading online reviews, I’ve decided to go mirrorless.

I think the size & weight play a bit part in my final decision. Considering bring it out on street everyday (I love street photography), and use it to take pictures of my daughter (bear in mind all the other stuff I need to carry for her), the small & compact body seems the best way to go.

I’ve had it for about a week, and took pictures whenever possible, and under different light conditions. I’m very happy with its performance & the lovely colour rendition. Best thing is, it’s small & discreet, not as intimidating as some bulky DSLRs out there. The small Fuji looks humble & precise. 

All of the below pictures were taken with the kit lens 18-55mm F2.8-4. I also ordered the well-praised 35mm F2, which is on the way.

Below is a picture of my X-T1 (taken by my antique iPhone 5S XD)


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