Getting back to photography again


For the last few days I’ve gone into research mode again…and I love it. Because it’s surprising how much you can learn in a couple of days if you are just interested enough.
This time though, I’m researching on my old hobby – photography.

I was once very into photography, and had taken some interesting shots too – the ones that were praised by pro photographers.
I started with a film SLR (a Chinese brand by the name of Phoenix I think) which taught me all the basic concepts such as aperture, shutter speed, & focus. Then mum brought back a DSLR (a Pentax). Although that Pentax was not actually easy to use, still I was fascinated by it. I even thought that perhaps one day I could make a living out of this, taking shots for Nat Geo or things like that.

Then I went abroad to study in Australia – I couldn’t carry the heavy Pentax so I bought a small Canon point-and-shoot – still a very decent one back in the days amongst all the compact cameras. Till then photography remains one of my top hobbies, it gave me very observant eyes.

After that smart phones became the hype of this world, I too followed up (though later than most people) and got an iPhone 4S. Shamefully I hardly used any cameras after I got the iPhone – ‘coz it is convenient.
Photography now I think it’s something very accessible to anyone – with the popular sharing platforms of FB & Instagram, it is now becoming a common form of media.

Just like Chase Jarvis once said, ‘the best camera is the one you have with you.’ There’s nothing wrong with shooting on iPhone, and I’ve recorded a lot of favourite memories on the iPhone camera. However, the shooting experience is drastly different. After a day out, I just hardly go back to the photos on my phone, download them to laptop, back up, pick out the favourite ones and post-edit them in Lightroom. I don’t do that beacuse honestly the image quality just aren’t that good, and I won’t go back and appreciate them that much.
The trigger for me wanting to get back to photography is my soon-to-be-born daughter Esther Grace. Especially when it’s a girl, you’d want to take millions of cute pictures of her right? So apparently taking pictures on my 8MP iPhone 5S is not going to satisfy the needs. This re-ignited my passion for photos…thanks for my pro protographer friend Terry, I got a lot of invaluable suggestions on what gears to choose.

(Author’s note: by the time I wrote this blog, I hadn’t had my hands on any mirrorless yet… it’s a fairly new term to me. I was only looking at the prosumer DSLRs. Luckily I went into local shops and tried a couple of mirrorless, and within minutes I thought to myself, ‘I can use this!’. It feels very solid in hand, has a nice grip, and the image quality is stunning. And this was the beginning of my love affair with Fujifilm.)

Last Edited: 29 July 2016.



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